Review: Previously Worn Shirt and Jumper Combination

Note: at the time of writing, no black shirts were available, and as such were not subject to test.

What’s being tested?

Leaving a shirt (white, large collar) in a separate jumper (any colour, light cotton) after initial wear.

What we found

Pros A very convenient way of reducing the time required to dress, especially if the specific shirt/jumper combination has been satisfactory for the user in the past.

Cons Negates any feeling of refreshment or reinvigoration provided by a standard night’s sleep (in our tests, 7.5 hours of slumber were applied) by insinuating a continuation of the previous day as a whole. Both garments tended to appear markedly ruffled, and in some tests, rumpling, crinkling and scrumpling were also evident. Many of our testers noted that a number of companions, colleagues, admirers and well-wishers were or became aware of the repetition of either or both garments, with a marked decline in respect and/or arousal (where appropriate) as a result. Some testers would subsequently become associated with and later defined by the combination garments on test, which significantly decreased their spirit ratings and moral.


Our tests only extended to white shirts with large collars being left in light cotton jumpers or pullovers, though we found the colour of the jumper largely transferrable. While the principle of the combination was found to greatly reduce the time spent in dress, the adverse effect on the testers perceived and actual sense of self and standing negated any potential benefits accrued through applying the combination


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