Review: Newly Spotted Guild Hall Roof

One example of the newly occularised roofs on test.

One example of the newly occularised roofs on test.

What’s being tested?

That unassuming roof that you only just noticed a few hours ago, despite it being part of the community centre you walk by every day.

What we found

Pros: Could inspire the visual recipient to pay more attention to everyday details, and bask in the warm novelty of things already logged and accounted for in their visual subconscious. Tantamount to taking a small holiday, albeit small by degrees of barely a point percentage.

Cons: Could be perceived as ‘scraping the barrel’ – many of our testers felt that, if the hitherto unnoticed slating of public property was cause for interest, then perhaps the lives of the noticees were lacking in some way, and warranted some constructive appraisal.


On balance, we found that, while a newly discovered community centre roof could be a refreshing addition to anyone’s subconscious visual library, the value of its discovery and subsequent elevation from said internalised gallery should not be overstated. Our testers found that the brain’s ability to filter everyday visual givens allowed them extra brain space – reacquainting oneself with everything you’ve come to know could lead to significantly reduced mental activity and significance.

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