Review: 10:04 am

No other times have as yet been subject to review

What’s being tested?

The time being approximately 4 minutes past 10 in the morning, with particular emphasis on the presupposition that the figure, upon assessment, would have been 10 o’clock precisely.

What we found

Pros: Our testers found that the 4 minute deduction into the hour of 10am could have a significantly reductive effect on the overall psychological impact of the potential space of time ahead, if viewed in such a way. Some testers were superstitious enough to view the time itself as ‘lucky’, though no subsequent positive deus ex machinas were evidenced.

Cons: Found to be unsuitable for those in favour of round hours, with the loss of approximately four minutes representing the subsequent forcible compression of the active productive window of the individual.


On balance, our testers found that other specific times, such as 4.12 and 13 minutes to 9, represented better value on the whole. 10.04 am may be suitable for some, specifically those who view a surprise deduction in the length of an hour (specifically, the hour of 10, in the morning) by 4 minutes to be a positive thing. Those who wish to proceed in rounded hourly quantities, or who would be inclined to see the situation as 56 minutes until 11, would be advised to look elsewhere.