Review: The Prospective and Subsequent Purchase of a 2” PVC movie tie-in Gashapon Figurine of the Character Roronoa Zoro.

Please note that we are aware that this constitutes a 'subjective purchase'.

What’s being tested?

The act of buying a small plastic toy replica of an animated swordsman from a popular comic book, cartoon and movie franchise.

What we found

Pros:  In relative good taste – given that the majority of plastic figurines based on animation characters that currently exist have a strong bias towards poorly clothed ladies of exaggerated proportions (with an occasional medieval theme).  The small size assures that the toy is not misconstrued as a centrepiece, and as such avoids the allusion that the recipient is ‘all about’ this particular character, his parent title, or plastic figurines / anime in general.  Equally, the low price point was hailed by many of our testers as a positive, as it was generally agreed that the model would probably appease the implicit desire to own a plastic figurine without spending an unusual and potentially embarrassing amount of money on it, unless the act in question happens to be of interest to the buyer.

The figurine was not found to be “cast off-able”.

Cons:  despite the relatively low cost of such a figurine, it still represented, to the majority of our testers, a non-essential purchase, and as such it was felt that the resources used to acquire this item could be more constructively deployed elsewhere (i.e. buying washing up liquid, renting a book etc.).

It was also felt that this would not be an isolated purchase; the market that brought the figurine, and others like it, into being, encourages and even incentivises continued collection, and many of our testers mentioned that the day-glo jaunt of the world they were effectively buying into was a difficult one to walk away from.

In addition to this, a minority were of the opinion that such a small purchase could still act as an enabler to more expensive, cleavage orientated acquisitions. Some testers even felt that it could be the first step for many towards a novelty-orientated existence.


It was found that, while many would purchase the figurine in question out of a singular admiration for the design or a larger appreciation of the character it represents, others would potentially buy the toy out of a desire to either physically manifest the character (perhaps out of need for idealised companionship), or alternatively as a subconscious projection of their desire to possess the qualities associated with that character, and to justify and make real the perceived personal parallels between purchaser and 2 dimensional animation hero.

In either case, our testers agreed that it was a cheap way of appeasing the desire to ‘own’ such an object. There was also existed the general consensus that purchasing  the model in question over a poorly made, disproportioned plastic woman whose clothes came off which you would have to hide whenever you had company represented sound judgement, and at least a temporarily stable degree of taste.


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